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Why Building a Home is better than Buying One

For many people, the idea of building their own home is a distant dream, but if you can make it happen, there are many reasons for doing so. Buying a house can be quick, easy and simple for many people, but building one comes with a lot of advantages. Here are just a few of the reasons why building your own house can be a lot better than buying a second-hand home.

  1. You can customise it to your liking

Unlike buying a second-hand house, you can customise every little detail of your new home exactly as you want it. With the help of Fairhaven home builders, you can choose how many rooms you want, how large you want the property to be, where you want certain rooms and features to be located and many other details. You can also customise the exterior of the home exactly as you’d like, and tell the builders how you want your home to look when it’s finished. When you buy a house from somebody else, you can look around for your perfect home to some extent, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find the ideal property.landscape

  1. A newer home will require less refurbishment

Since you’ll be moving into a brand new home, you won’t have to worry about refurbishing it any time soon. When you buy a house, you’re also buying any problems, which it might have. Although you can get an inspection before you decide to buy a property, it’s inevitable that there will be a few issues, which might need to be sorted soon. If you build a house, you may have some issues, but everything will be brand new and therefore it will be a longer period of time before you have to replace or refurbish anything.

  1. You can feel very connected to a home you’ve built

If you’re building a family home and everybody is working together to make it happen, not only will you feel a great sense of achievement, but you’ll also feel a personal connection to the house you’ve just built. You’ll also be able to enjoy the feeling that nobody else has ever lived in this house, and you’re going to be the first to make a mark and turn this new building into your very own home.

  1. You can save a lot of money

It’s true that building a house from scratch isn’t cheap, but it could actually work out to be cheaper than buying a house. Newer homes are able to use the latest and most efficient energy sources, and you can also get exactly what you want in a house for potentially a lot less than what you’d buy it for. You can get a much larger house and have lower energy bills. Although you might pay a higher upfront cost to build your home, you’ll save money in the long term on household bills. Many homeowners who built their own properties reported saving as much as 50% on energy bills.