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Visiting Your Podiatrist Can Make Your Day A Lot Better

Whether you are a person who likes to go on a casual walk, a person who stands for hours at work, or a person who is active in sports that involve a lot of running and jumping, it is always a great idea to visit a podiatrist. One of the main locations where you can always count on professional assistance is to go to foot doctor Sydney.

Corns and calluses, the most common issue brought to podiatrists

This issue is very common, and its cause is that the shoes some people are wearing are either too tight or too loose, which may cause consistent pressure on certain points of the skin on your foot, that eventually stacks up and becomes a layer of dead skin which can cause a lot of pain if not taken care of by visiting a podiatrist. It can, however, be prevented by using orthotics that will secure your feet.

Fungal and ingrown toenails

The second most common issues that the podiatrist end up facing are fungal infections of the toenails as well as ingrown toenails. While on their own, these two issues are quite easy to deal with as they do not cause that many problems except discomfort and slight pain, together they can be extremely dangerous.

That is mostly because the ingrown nail will often penetrate the skin of the toes around it, which will allow the fungus to spread into your system, causing some serious infections that might even require medical care. To prevent these two issues, proper footwear and good hygiene are the keys to keeping these issues at bay.athelete

Ingrown toenails can become complicated if not treated

Hallux Valgus

Is quite a common deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe. It is mostly referred to as a bunion due to easier pronunciation, however, even if many consider it to have a cute name, having a bunion is definitely not.

It is mostly caused due to prolonged pressuring of the joint that then transfers that same pressure to the big toe, causing it to point towards the other toes while creating a bump on the inner side of your foot. Often it is a very painful and uncomfortable, especially when you are in need to wear shoes or any other type of footwear.

Like most of the issues, this can be prevented by not overdoing the activity where your joints are bent in abnormal motion as well as wearing appropriate footwear that will allow your foot to stay in a natural position. Consulting a podiatrist about shoes that are good for your feet or getting your own custom made orthotics is a very good approach to this problem.athelete

A severe case of hallux valgus(bunions)

Feeling any type of pain in your feet is not normal

From what the studies have shown, quite a big population often discards some minor signs of pain while thinking that they are just too tired or that they have simply been wearing the shoes for too long. But little do they know that those little signs can potentially lead to some serious problems, and preventing them can make their lives, starting from daily tasks, a lot easier.

Final word

If you happen to have any issues regarding your feet, we suggest that you schedule a check-up at a podiatrist in Sydney. The professionals will answer all of your questions, and together you can solve your problems. Custom orthotics Sydney can also be something that you would like to consult them about because they will prevent the issues that may try to find you in the future.