Top Social Media Tricks You Definitely Need to Try

Being social media savvy is not as easy as you think. Since this industry changes at a rapid pace, you need to keep up in order to stay informed. If you want your company to make the best use of the social media channels available to you, then you need to make sure that you are well-informed of the following tricks.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Since we live in a busy world, nobody has time to read your 500-word posts. Therefore, people prefer to tell their stories through simple pictures. Why do you think memes are such a hit on social media? Visual content is the best way to catch the eye of your audience and to up your likes. Research proves that adding a photo album to your social media page can increasing engagement by 180% while including a video can increase it by 100%.

Timing is everything

When it comes to posting information on social media, it is all about timing. For instance, what is the point about posting an article on ‘Best Halloween Costume Ideas’ in November? If you wish to obtain an optimal level of likes or retweets, then you must pay attention to the peak hours of social media. Facebook traffic peaks between 1pm-3pm, which is the usually the lunch break time.

Consult a Professional

As much as couples are reluctant to consult counselors, businesses are reluctant to seek consultancy from experts. If you feel like your social media platform is not getting enough likes despite your efforts, then you are doing something wrong. At such a situation, you need a WME review to figure out what is wrong. Through this inspection, you will be able to understand what you need to do right and what you need to let go.

Be Everything to Everyone

When you are catering to a wide audience, you have got no choice but to please everyone. If you wish increase your followers, you must utilize more than one tactic. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your posts are entirely relevant to your audience. Secondly, make it easy and understandable. Thirdly, keep it funny. Your tone of voice and personality can affect your reach to a significant extent. Therefore, make wise choices in these areas.


If you utilize any of the above, you will be able to maximize your reach to a higher level quickly and easily. Therefore, waste no more time and seize the opportunity now!