Take An Axe To The Winter Blues In Toronto

If you follow the Farmer’s Almanac, or just The Weather Network, you may have already heard that after last year’s mild winter months, Toronto is in for an icy-cold, snowy several months in the near future. The months of cold, snow, and early evenings are known to take a hefty emotional toll on many, and it’s also known to be the cause for loneliness, depression, and weight gain. But there’s no reason to let the slush, bad roads, and even worse transit affect your mood this winter if you find a way to break out of your typical January routine and try your hand at something new. If you find that your friends are deciding to stay wrapped up at home all season long and you’re wondering how you’re going to get out yourself, you might want to consider joining an axe throwing league.

Alternative sports leagues are popular ways to get through the winter, but axe throwing leagues offer a special kind of pleasure to people who want to find a new way to break out of their usual habits. It’s an exciting opportunity to make new friends and leagues like the Backyard Axe Throwing League in Toronto attract people from a wide cross-section of society. They have three locations in Toronto to choose from: the Port Lands, the Galleria Mall at Dupont and Dufferin, and near Yorkdale Mall.


In addition to the regular leagues run by BATL Toronto, you can also book any of their venues for groups of between 6 and 24 (though if you’re planning a particularly large event, such as a corporate function, their flagship location can hold over 150). It’s a popular option for corporate team building events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and birthdays, where people can get together and try learning something new. When you sign up for a private group event, the axe throwing experts at BATL take you through a training session to learn the ins and outs of throwing an axe, including your stance, posture, follow through, and how to get the axe to make a single full rotation between your hand and the target.

A typical axe throwing game involves a target, much like a dart board, with a bullseye, two rings, and a blank space around it, worth 5, 3, 1, and zero points respectively, while on the top there are two green “clutches” that are worth 7 points each. A player can only aim for the clutch on their fifth throw out of five and, if you’re playing by the rules of the National Axe Throwing Federation, a player must declare that they are aiming for the clutch, and once it’s been called, the rest of the target is worth zero points.

Make sure you beat the nasty weather facing Toronto over the next couple of months by getting yourself out of the house, making some friends, and finding some physical activity. Learn how to throw an axe and beat the winter blues this year; unlike the gym, it’s something you will want to keep doing long after you’ve forgotten about your New Year’s Resolutions.