Planning a Birthday Party for Your Male Partner


There are many reasons you might want to throw a birthday party for your partner. Maybe you’ve only been together a few months and it’s the first big occasion you’re celebrating together. Or maybe you’ve been married for several years and it’s the big 40th or 50th coming up. You don’t need an extraordinary excuse to plan a birthday party for your partner, but it can be difficult and stressful. Here are some tips to help you plan the best birthday party ever, whether it’s a surprise party or one he already knows about.

  1. Drop hints to make sure he’s okay with the idea

If you want to plan a surprise party, you should drop some hints a few months prior to the day to see what his attitude would be towards the party. Men are generally less thrilled than women when it comes to being surprised with a giant party and all of their friends when they get home from work. If you’re really not sure how he’ll react, forget the idea of a surprise party and just ask him one day if he wants a party. Tell him you’ll plan everything and maybe keep some aspects of it a surprise too.

2.Give your gifts at the party

This is particularly good if it’s a big birthday or milestone, since you have an excuse to buy some extravagant gifts that you can surprise him with at the party. Not everybody likes giving or receiving gifts in front of lots of people, however, so this part is up and you and your individual preferences. If other people are bringing gifts, you could get everybody to sit down while he opens the gifts. For ideas of what to buy for him, look at shaving gifts for men, gadgets and clothing, and you can also add in a few fun party games that the guests can get involved in.

3.Think about what he’ll like

Remember that even though you’re putting all the time and effort into planning his party, it’s still his party at the end of the day. You need to think about what he would like, and if that’s sitting out in the garden with a game of beer pong and having some banter with his mates, then so be it. Don’t theme the party how you would like it, since you want to make it as enjoyable as possible for him.

  1. Make lists a few days before

It’s only once you start planning the birthday party that you’ll realise exactly how much needs to be done. Many people make the mistake of starting too late and then realising at the last minute that they’ve forgotten something. Shops might be closed, stock may be low and you just might not be able to get your hands on that all-important tablecloth or the pack of exploding candles that you really wanted to put on his cake. Make a list of everything you need for the party a week before the day, and then gradually buy things throughout the week and cross it off your list.