How to Get a Job in the Mining Industry

You might have heard about miners who are earning good salaries working on mines in places such as Queensland or Western Australia, and are thinking about getting a job on the mines yourself. There are many great benefits to working as a miner in Australia, with good pay even at the entry level, diverse work, and great holidays, since miners tend to work out in remote areas. But, getting into the mining industry can be tricky, so we’ve put together a handy guide to help you get your dream mining job.01(1)

1.      Get Qualified:

In order to work in the mining industry in Australia, you will need to be qualified, and/or have a certain level of experience of working on mines, depending on your employer. If you have no qualifications or experience at the moment, the best way to go about getting this is to find a vocational course that you can enrol on. Usually miners are assessed practically, so studying for the qualification almost always guarantees you some experience. Another way of doing this would be through an apprenticeship, which may have a lower rate of pay to begin with but will allow you to learn whilst you work.

2.      Get Contacts:

Since the mining industry can be very difficult to get into, it helps if you have a few contacts who can help you to get your foot in the door. For example, finding work with companies such as Gulf Hydraulics who provide equipment for the mining industry can be an excellent way to meet people and network with others who can help you find a job on the mines.

3.      Work During Shut Downs:

If you are finding it difficult to get permanent mining work in Australia, then it’s a good idea to look out for mine shut downs. This is when a mine needs to be temporarily shut down for upgrades, repairs, or maintenance, etc., and workers are usually hired on a temporary basis for unskilled work such as cleaning. This is a great opportunity to get some valuable on-site experience, and your temporary position can quickly become a permanent one when the mine re-opens if you have the right qualifications and build relationships with the right people.

4.      Visit Less Popular Mining Towns:

You can find mining towns all over Australia, so there may be no need to travel to the other end of the country if you are hoping to get a job on the mines. In fact, travelling to popular mining towns could be a waste of time, as there tends to be more applicants than jobs here so it’s more difficult to find work. Instead, try out lesser known, less popular mining towns which will have less applicants for you to compete against for jobs.

5.      Find a Recruitment Agency:

If you’re looking for mining jobs manually by yourself, then there’s a huge risk that you’re going to miss one as most people can’t be on their computer or smartphone all the time, checking for new jobs to appear. Instead, getting in touch with a good mining recruitment agency who will contact you when suitable positions arise, or even apply for jobs on your behalf, is a good way to ensure that you get the first pick of the best new job openings on the mines.