Crucial First Time San Francisco Stops

Every popular travel destination has certain sites or attractions that stick out even among the rest, and while they might not be a must see on your fifth, fifteenth, or fiftieth visit to your favorite place, they are definitely a must see on your first time. San Francisco is an incredible city, and there’s absolutely no question that there’s an impressive short list of places you must visit on your very first trip to San Francisco. Now that you have your RV rental figured out, if you’re going to visit the gorgeous and incredible “City by the Bay” then make sure to take this list of must visit sites for the first time visitor – and enjoy!

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic landmark in a city that is full of them. This is a beautiful sight and an incredible feat of structural engineering. There are many different tours that are based on the bridge and the surrounding parks and sites, so take a look at the ones that are most interesting to you and get a first-hand look at this amazing bridge and the incredible views it has to offer!


Yes, this is the definition of a tourist stop at this point, but if it’s your very first time how are you going to justify not seeing Alcatraz and the closely related Pier 39? Once one of the most famous prisons in the United States, the prison is located in the Bay and was believed to be impossible to escape from. Now a historical building and tourist attraction, get a look first hand at where many of America’s most dangerous and most famous criminals were once housed.

Coit Tower

With an added trip up famous Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower offers some of the finest views in the entire city, and that’s saying something. Add in the fact that the tower is decorated with incredible artistic murals that put on full display the tradition of art that the city of San Francisco embraces. This is also a great location to check out local cafes, shops, or find a restaurant that exemplifies the culinary reputation the city also holds.

Choose a Local Shopping Scene – or Three

Some people love shopping, some don’t, but there are amazing shopping scenes throughout the city that include locally owned shops, small businesses, and boutiques that keep the city unique. Union Street, Hayes Valley, and Fillmore Street are three of the most famous shopping areas in the city. Each one offers its own unique flair and variety, and they are just three of many areas to choose from.

Famous Hyde Street

With the famed Aquatic Park Historic District on one side and Market Street on the other, Hyde Street connects two iconic locations within the city and has one other very distinct feature that really brings home the San Francisco experience for the first time visitor: it is one of the main streets where you can still ride a trolley car, which might be considered the absolute quintessential San Francisco experience for the first time visitor. You want to be sure not to miss it!