A Qualified GMAT Instructor Is Your Key To Success

If you are a manager, entrepreneur or undergraduate student seeking admission to an MBA program, you have mostly likely heard of the dreaded Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT. This three-and-a-half-hour exam consists of content designed to predict your success in a graduate business program. The three multiple choice sections that are entitled, “Integrated Reasoning”, “Quantitative”, and “Verbal” contain a total of 90 questions. The “Integrated Reasoning” section demands you demonstrate your ability to properly interpret data common to the business world. If you’ve taken other standardized tests, the “Quantitative” and “Verbal” sections will be somewhat familiar to you as they focus on mathematic problem solving and data sufficiency, and English language skills such as reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction, respectively. If you are seriously considering the exam, you may wish to view a more detailed GMAT test plan.


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed looking at that test plan, you are definitely not alone. The fact that 28% of examinees retake the GMAT indicates that many are not achieving the scores they need to make the final cut into their choice MBA program. All of this is not to scare you. In fact, if you continue to read beyond the retest statistic, you will see that those who take time to reflect, regroup and re-encounter the GMAT enjoy an average of a 30.3-point increase in their scores. This is where an established test prep agency such as Quantum Test Prep in Toronto can offer you a curriculum and study schedule commensurate with your pre-existing professional or academic responsibilities. The right test centre will pair you with an expert GMAT instructor who has scored in the top 2 to 3 percent on the GMAT, has an MBA and eight to ten years of expert GMAT coaching experience. Such top-notch instructors can help you develop and perfect strategies that work for your specific needs. After all, it would be a shame to let a mere standardized test that uses standardized question types to test standardized content stand in the way of your burgeoning business career.

If you, like many, are already working while studying, you may be wondering how you can possibly find the time to meet with a GMAT instructor with an already overbooked schedule. Fortunately, most test prep firms cater to working adults offering evening and weekend sessions, and GMAT courses are often broken down so that individual modules can be pursued as an alternative to an extensive course package.

The 50Hr Mix & Match GMAT course package option from Quantum allows for the combination of any two (2) of the following GMAT course modules together at a discounted price:

M1 – Foundational Math (25hr)

M2 – Intermediate Math (25hr)

M3 – Advanced Math (25hr)

V – Comprehensive Verbal (25hr)

Some test preparation firms even offer webinars and information sessions so you can learn how their offerings can help you keep stay committed to your career and family while giving GMAT preparation the time and attention needed to gain entrance to the MBA program that will land you in the corner office.