5 Types of Nerf Guns to Choose From

Nerf guns are very popular for indoor as well as outdoor shooting games for kids, aswell as Nerf sniper rifles. These have foam based ammunition, which makes them comparatively safe. These are not strictly designed for kids as adults too have joined in these days for competitive shooting. There are various kinds of Nerf guns to be found in the market, for both light and serious battles. While choosing Nerf guns for serious battles, buyers need to consider different features such as the dart clip capacity and the size of the weapon. Read and know about the main types of Nerf guns that you can choose from.

Nerf Pistols

These are the commonest types of Nerf guns, and can be fired with only one hand. These usually fire single darts. Maverick is a big name in the manufacturing of Nerf pistols, which looks like revolvers although these stand bigger in size. Pistols such as those from Mavericks are liked due to the fact that they can be used very easily and come with greater ammunition support. These come with a lower price tag and can also be modified at will after being purchased.Image result for 5 Types of Nerf Guns to Choose From

Nerf Shotgun

These blasters are more fun to use, partly due to the fact that the ammunition discharge is higher in this case. Nerf shotguns, rather than firing a number of darts or just a single dart at a time, fire darts in bursts. Like Nerf rifles, these types of guns are in great demand for competitive fun shooting. There is discharge of two darts from the Rough Cut blaster at one time, for 8 rounds in total, before one needs to reload.

Nerf Rifle

These are bigger in size than Nerf pistols, and needs the use of both hands. Such kinds of weapons have a higher magazine size and can offer more range. Nerf guns like the Recon CS-6 are styled like rifles and their better firepower makes them highly sought after for competitive shooting purposes. Such kinds of guns have a higher cost than Nerf pistols, particularly in case they come with additional features like lights and motors.

Novelty Nerf Guns

These are unique Nerf blasters which stand out from the regular Nerf pistols and other guns. These consist of small holdout pistols, machine guns driven by motors and having rapid-fire discharge and bows which can fire larger darts as big as arrows. These innovative Nerf guns are admired by role-players and competitive leagues due to the outstanding features and unique styling they boast of. For modifications and competitions, smaller holdout pistols are more popular.

Video-game Nerf blasters

There is also video-game Nerf blasters available, which are compatible with the video game line brought out by Nerf. A few of these are free to avail, while others have to be bought by players in clusters. These help players to control the action happening on-screen. This type of blaster can act as a toy weapon as well as a controller, and is highly popular among kids and even adults who are addicted to first-person shooter video games. Make sure you check out this link ( for Nerf darts to go with your gun.